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"Tom has been teaching childred of our Junior Youth Club to learn to play guitar over the past few months. It has been well attended by a group of children who enjoyed the sessions immensely. We have even had parents joining & older children helping younger children. The sessions ended in a performance at the South West Fest showcasing the children's achievements. With the marvellous teaching & encouragement, we would welcome Tom back at the youth club with open arm"

Churchill Youth Club

"It's our thanks that need to go to you! Frank has had a really amazing time with Musicus and has been totally engaged in learning the guitar. It's his first instrument and its fair to say he has particularly thrived learning within a community group. I know he felt a real pride in belonging to Musicus and it really motivated him. He was very proud to play at SW Fest and we were very proud of him and all of you as well. He is desperate to continue learning the guitar. Musicus has started something big!"

Parent, Pimlico Youth Music Project

"Tom Halpenny has developed a wonderful relationship with the children, engaging them and helping them feel like musicians. They feel successful and truly love their new-found musicality. I believe they have become life-long guitarists. I have rarely had such a positive response for any organisation that has come into our school to provide programming."

Tisa Farley, Director, P.S. 212, Midtown West Extended Day

"The music, the talk, the critical thinking, the engagement and excitement you provided to our children made a grand impression, the residual of which will impact lives for many years to come. You've sparked minds, passions, and endless possibilities." 

Tony Hernandez, Principal, P.S. 212, East Harlem

"On behalf of Tom Halpenny, I wish to provide a reference and to indicate my personal reflections on his work as the lead guitar teacher in the Midori & Friends guitar program. Our program began with a pilot program in the 2005-2006 school years. Tom was chosen to teach the pilot based upon his easy going demeanor and caring relationships with the students, while encouraging them to learn the instrument.


From the original pilot the program has grown to serving over 500 students in 7 schools throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Tom has been instrumental not only in his outstanding work as a teacher of the program by helping to continually improve the program. Tom understands the relationship between music education and excellence in school performance for students. He encourages his students to advance beyond the classroom and discover all of the facets and intricacies of learning to play the guitar.


As you can see from a couple of quotes above from leaders in a couple of the schools served you can get a better idea of what Tom has accomplished. I know Tom will bring the same dedication and professional integrity to MUSICUS." 

John D'Addario, Jr, New York, July 27, 2012

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